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100 Happy Days : Completing the Challenge

The Han River

100 happy days

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people using the hashtag #100happydays.

I’ll be honest, when I saw the first few cases, I thought to myself “what is it with this people trying to be specially happy for 100 days?” and then I realized, it was a sort of trending social movement.


What is the #100HappyDays Challenge?


It’s really quite a simple idea: stay happy for 100 days and share your experiences with a photo a day of something that made you happy.

When I logged onto the website, I saw the banner above: “Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?”. Well, I initially figured that they’re asking a really obvious question. “Of course” I said but, when I read on about the trend, I realized that it might not be as simple as I thought. 71% of people failed to do the challenge when they registered, saying lack of time was the main reason.

Then, you can upload your pictures using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, a blog, or send them in via email to be registered and complete the challenge. It’s a simple way to look back and realize how happy your life really is. Plus, it’s a something fun to take on over the summer.


Here I go for 100 Happy Days of Summer:

* Ill keep updating as I go along


Day 1: June 9  
Political Power comes together at the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference

001 June 09


Day 2: June 10
Refreshing by the fountain at Gwanghwamun Plaza

002 June 10 Gwanghwamun


Day 3: June 11
Birthday Dinner with Selina, Anna’s mother, at Park Hyatt Seoul. Look at those ribs…

003 June 11


Day 4: June 12
Catching up over these amazing fries with Soyeon at Vecchia e Nuovo.  Fries = Happiness

004 June 12 Vecchia w Soyeon


Day 5: June 13
Attending the Battered Soul’s opening party and sampling their awesome new dishes.

005A Battered Soul


Day 6: June 14
Back in the yachting spirit at the 2014 Korea International Boat Show.

006 June 14 Korea Boat Show


Day 7: June 15
Lunch on the patio with one of my favorite sandwiches at our classic spot, Lord Sandwich.

025 July 3 Lord Sandwich


Day 8: June 16
Coffee at home just got easier thanks to this gift of “U.R Barista Self Cafe” from Jieun.

008 June 16 Trying U R Barista


Day 9: June 17
Feeling creative and cooking up salmon at home into a fusion rice dish (연어덮밥) with a creamy herb seafood sauce.

009a June 17 Salmon cooking


Day 10: June 18
Looking out and loving every minute of this fantastic view from my living room.

010 June 18 The View

Day 11: June 19
The third day of respite at home, cooking up a Cajun Pork brunch dish.

011 June 19 Cooking at Home

Day 12: June 20
Afternoon Tea and life planning with Soyeon at The Shilla Seoul.

012 June 20 Shilla Hotel Tea

Day 13: June 21
Cocktails and Fish + Chips with Jun Hyung at the Battered Sole’s new location – it finally opened.

013 June 21 Battered Soul with Jun Hyung

Day 14: June 22
Waiting for the 300km/h KTX train and I’m off for the day to Gwangju, Jeolla Province.

014 June 22 Gwangju KTX

Day 15: June 23
Looking across the Huangpu River at Shanghai’s fantastic skyline. I’ve made it to China.

015 June 23 Shanghai on the Bund

Day 16: June 24
Relaxing with Jieun over an awesome Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai-Pudong.

015a June 23 Four Seasons Tea

Day 17: June 25
Walking through the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai and getting in touch with China’s Past.

017 June 25 Yuyuan Garden

Day 18: June 26
Taking time to rest and enjoy a little pool time on the 41st floor of the Four Seasons Hotel.

018 June 26 Four seasons pool

Day 19: June 27
Trying Shinsegae’s new Food Hall and Korean Beef Noodles from Homuran. Fantastic!

019 June 27 Shinsegae Noodles

Day 20: June 28
An afternoon of good company where, yes, we ordered an entire cheesecake for the two of us. The Blueberry Double Cheesecake from the Ritz-Carlton Seoul was amazing!

020 June 28 Ritz Carlton Cake

Day 21: June 29
A trip to the rooftop that turned into an evening of camping, dinner, and drinks in Hannam-dong.

021 June 29 Rooftop Camping

Day 22: June 30
Experiencing Jo Malone London’s newest fragrance “Silk Blossom” at their Seoul Launch Party.

022 June 30 Jo Malone Launch

Day 23: July 1
Celebrating ‘Canada Day’ with a cool Honeychip Ice Cream from Softree, one of my summer favorites!

023 July 1 Softree

Day 24: July 2
Heading to get a skin treatment with Soyeon but first, we need tarts at Deux Cremes!

024 July 2 Deux Cremes


Day 25: July 3
Not thinking of the calories, and trying out the oh-so-good Fusion Chicken Carbonara in Incheon.

025 July 3 Incheon Chicken Time

Day 26: July 4
Grilling up some of the best Pork BBQ that I’ve tried in Korea at a new restaurant near my old apartment at Galleria Palace.

026 July 4 BBQ

Day 27: July 5
An afternoon of happiness as I purge the W Market Ice dessert buffet at one of my all-time favorite places, WooBar, located in W Seoul Walkerhill. I finally tried their famous ‘Woobingsu’

027 July 5 W Market Ice

Day 28: July 6 
Splashing up the weekend with friends at the Banyan Tree X Club Octagon Pool Party. Such a good evening!

028 July 6 Banyan Tree Pool Party

I’m 28 days into my “100 Happy Days”, and looking forward to updating those moments everyday over the next 72 that make them “happy days”.



  1. vomwinde says

    the pics look great! I recently finished my 100 days. I’m looking forward to your upcoming 72 days :)

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