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100 Happy Days : Completing the Challenge

100 happy days

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people using the hashtag #100happydays.

I’ll be honest, when I saw the first few cases, I thought to myself “what is it with this people trying to be specially happy for 100 days?” and then I realized, it was a sort of trending social movement.


What is the #100HappyDays Challenge?


It’s really quite a simple idea: stay happy for 100 days and share your experiences with a photo a day of something that made you happy.

When I logged onto the website, I saw the banner above: “Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?”. Well, I initially figured that they’re asking a really obvious question. “Of course” I said but, when I read on about the trend, I realized that it might not be as simple as I thought. 71% of people failed to do the challenge when they registered, saying lack of time was the main reason.

Then, you can upload your pictures using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, a blog, or send them in via email to be registered and complete the challenge. It’s a simple way to look back and realize how happy your life really is. Plus, it’s a something fun to take on over the summer.


Here I go for 100 Happy Days of Summer:

* Ill keep updating as I go along


Day 1: June 9  
Political Power comes together at the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference

001 June 09


Day 2: June 10
Refreshing by the fountain at Gwanghwamun Plaza

002 June 10 Gwanghwamun


Day 3: June 11
Birthday Dinner with Selina, Anna’s mother, at Park Hyatt Seoul. Look at those ribs…

003 June 11


Day 4: June 12
Catching up over these amazing fries with Soyeon at Vecchia e Nuovo.  Fries = Happiness

004 June 12 Vecchia w Soyeon


Day 5: June 13
Attending the Battered Soul’s opening party and sampling their awesome new dishes.

005A Battered Soul


Day 6: June 14
Back in the yachting spirit at the 2014 Korea International Boat Show.

006 June 14 Korea Boat Show


Day 7: June 15
Lunch on the patio with one of my favorite sandwiches at our classic spot, Lord Sandwich.

025 July 3 Lord Sandwich


Day 8: June 16
Coffee at home just got easier thanks to this gift of “U.R Barista Self Cafe” from Jieun.

008 June 16 Trying U R Barista


Day 9: June 17
Feeling creative and cooking up salmon at home into a fusion rice dish (연어덮밥) with a creamy herb seafood sauce.

009a June 17 Salmon cooking


Day 10: June 18
Looking out and loving every minute of this fantastic view from my living room.

010 June 18 The View

Day 11: June 19
The third day of respite at home, cooking up a Cajun Pork brunch dish.

011 June 19 Cooking at Home

Day 12: June 20
Afternoon Tea and life planning with Soyeon at The Shilla Seoul.

012 June 20 Shilla Hotel Tea

Day 13: June 21
Cocktails and Fish + Chips with Jun Hyung at the Battered Sole’s new location – it finally opened.

013 June 21 Battered Soul with Jun Hyung

Day 14: June 22
Waiting for the 300km/h KTX train and I’m off for the day to Gwangju, Jeolla Province.

014 June 22 Gwangju KTX

Day 15: June 23
Looking across the Huangpu River at Shanghai’s fantastic skyline. I’ve made it to China.

015 June 23 Shanghai on the Bund

Day 16: June 24
Relaxing with Jieun over an awesome Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai-Pudong.

015a June 23 Four Seasons Tea

Day 17: June 25
Walking through the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai and getting in touch with China’s Past.

017 June 25 Yuyuan Garden

Day 18: June 26
Taking time to rest and enjoy a little pool time on the 41st floor of the Four Seasons Hotel.

018 June 26 Four seasons pool

Day 19: June 27
Trying Shinsegae’s new Food Hall and Korean Beef Noodles from Homuran. Fantastic!

019 June 27 Shinsegae Noodles

Day 20: June 28
An afternoon of good company where, yes, we ordered an entire cheesecake for the two of us. The Blueberry Double Cheesecake from the Ritz-Carlton Seoul was amazing!

020 June 28 Ritz Carlton Cake

Day 21: June 29
A trip to the rooftop that turned into an evening of camping, dinner, and drinks in Hannam-dong.

021 June 29 Rooftop Camping

Day 22: June 30
Experiencing Jo Malone London’s newest fragrance “Silk Blossom” at their Seoul Launch Party.

022 June 30 Jo Malone Launch

Day 23: July 1
Celebrating ‘Canada Day’ with a cool Honeychip Ice Cream from Softree, one of my summer favorites!

023 July 1 Softree

Day 24: July 2
Heading to get a skin treatment with Soyeon but first, we need tarts at Deux Cremes!

024 July 2 Deux Cremes


Day 25: July 3
Not thinking of the calories, and trying out the oh-so-good Fusion Chicken Carbonara in Incheon.

025 July 3 Incheon Chicken Time

Day 26: July 4
Grilling up some of the best Pork BBQ that I’ve tried in Korea at a new restaurant near my old apartment at Galleria Palace.

026 July 4 BBQ

Day 27: July 5
An afternoon of happiness as I purge the W Market Ice dessert buffet at one of my all-time favorite places, WooBar, located in W Seoul Walkerhill. I finally tried their famous ‘Woobingsu’

027 July 5 W Market Ice

Day 28: July 6 
Splashing up the weekend with friends at the Banyan Tree X Club Octagon Pool Party. Such a good evening!

028 July 6 Banyan Tree Pool Party

I’m 28 days into my “100 Happy Days”, and looking forward to updating those moments everyday over the next 72 that make them “happy days”.


2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days : Completing the Challenge

  1. the pics look great! I recently finished my 100 days. I’m looking forward to your upcoming 72 days :)

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