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A Walk at Seokchon Lake

[SEOUL] – Seokchon Lake is a block away from my apartment and it’s one of my favourite places to come year round to walk, jog, and just relax (although in the winter, it’s a little cold to relax). Most of you probably know it as “that lake at Lotte World” but apart from the theme park, there is a really nice walking and jogging path around the lake (which has an east and west arm). Plus, it’s rolled with a rubber surface so your feet don’t hurt!

Seokchon Lake

Walking around Seokchon Lake

Not only is the lake a great place to come for exercise, there are quite a few restaurants around the lake and two cafes in the park. For a delicious coffee and dessert on the lake, try Hosoo Cafe and Bakery which has a patio that peeks out at the lake. It’s one of my favourite cafes to go to in my area. ‘The Dining Hosoo’ also showcases spectacular views of the park with award-winning dining open for Lunch and Dinner. Reservations are recommended, especially for a window seat!

During the warmer months, they have a boat cruise that goes around the lake. I haven’t tried it, as I can walk around the lake in a a half hour/40 minutes. Nonetheless, it might be a neat thing to do, so if that is something that interests you, check with Lotte World about the times and dates.

To get to Seokchon Lake, exit Jamsil Station (Line 2,8) Exit 2/3; walk straight one block to Seokchon Lake Park.

Seokchon Lake

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